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Anonymous said:
Hi! I'm just curious, I followed through your tutorial (great help, I've always been clueless when it comes to gifs), but the backgrounds to my gifs are always really grainy! I read somewhere that the smaller the amount of frames, the less grainier the background will be, but it didn't really work! Do you have any tips, by any chance? Please and thank you (:

Well, sometimes it’s not because of the frames. If you make a gif with 60+ frames, you’ll probably need to delete some so the gif won’t be plus 2MB. Otherwise, you’ll need to make it have less “colors”, which is what makes it look grainy. That’s why some people say you need to delete frames to make it look good. Sometimes, your coloring will make the gif look grainy, mostly if you’re not working with a good quality video (480p or plus), and/or if the scene is too dark. I recommend you to make gif from hq videos, that’ll solve most of your problems. You can also try playing around with the adjustments, adding or deleting some adjustments layers to see what makes it look better or worse, using “selective colors” to work with those parts where the gif looks more grainy, and just trying with every adjustment you think it could solve your problem. Another thing that can help a lot is to have this settings, instead of “selective” and “diffusion”. It makes the gif look better, in my opinion anyway… Sometimes the colors or the darkness of the scene you’re giffing will make the gif look grainy no matter how hard you try to make it look better, that happens a lot! Don’t let it frustrate you. And… the last thing I could recommend you is to duplicate your layer and blur it (filter > blur > gaussian blur), then reduce the opacity of the layer (i’d say to 20% or so, but I’m not sure because I never do it). That’s all I can think about right now… I hope it helps you! (:

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