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it's our desire


Anonymous: Manon Leloup, por favor : *

De acuerdo! :)

Anonymous: Some more sigrid a., please?

Okay, love! Sure :)

Anonymous: Hi :) ! A gifset of Joe Collier ? Please :) thanks xx - there's only one good video of him on youtube, a bw one ! -

Ooh, okay! Thank you so much :) I’ll make gifs from that video then!

Anonymous: benjamin eidem please!

Sure thing, darling! :)

Anonymous: I know you've already made a plenty gifsets of Magda Zalejska, but I would love to have more gifs of her, could you please make another set? If so, I will always love you, girls <3

Haha I thought we needed to stop making so much gifs of her! But sure, I’ll make another set for you :) <3