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Anonymous said:
hey, i dont know if you get asked that a lot or not and i don't know if you guys are ok with replying this and if you are not im sorry for asking but could you guys post some resources you use? like where besides youtube you find them or where you look for them please? and sorry to bother!

We mostly just use google, youtube and vimeo! Sometimes we check Bellazon or The Fashion Spot to find news of our favorite models, and that’s it :)

Anonymous said:
Hahaha just sometimes. Do you know when you'll post the requests?

Uhm… not really! It usually takes us some days to make all of them. I’ll try to post some of them first, and the rest when they’re ready, so you guys don’t have to wait too much!

Anonymous said:
Hahaahha yeah, i'm brazilian and i love them (not just because they are from here, of course)

Hahah you have a lot of reasons to love them :D Brazilian girls are really pretty too!