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Anonymous said:
Please, make some more Teresa Oman gifs! Also, i'd love an edit too so yeah. I love your blog girls <3

Perfect! We’ll do it all, no problem at all. And thanks, we’re really happy that you guys like our blog :’)

Anonymous said:
Some gifs of Rihanna? Disturbia video, pls!

Fine, on the list C:

Anonymous said:
Michael Fassbender, please? Great job <333

Hey, thank you! And yeah, we’ll do it.

madameiggy said:
Hi hun, I love your work, seriously, I do. Would you do to me a gif set of Ginta Lapina, please?

Hi love <3 Thank you so much! :D We’ll make a gifset of her for you, of course! :)

Hi! ^^ Would you make some gifs of Anna Selezneva? You need a video or it's good? there are some good videos in Youtube but if you need, i'll pass you someone. Thanks for all!!

Hi, darling! I know there are good videos of her on youtube, but if you want to send us a link that’s fine! It’d be great if you choose it :)