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Anonymous said:
Hahaha just sometimes. Do you know when you'll post the requests?

Uhm… not really! It usually takes us some days to make all of them. I’ll try to post some of them first, and the rest when they’re ready, so you guys don’t have to wait too much!

Anonymous said:
Hahaahha yeah, i'm brazilian and i love them (not just because they are from here, of course)

Hahah you have a lot of reasons to love them :D Brazilian girls are really pretty too!

Anonymous said:
So you hate Francisco Lachowski, right? He's brazilian hahaha

Hahah no, I don’t hate brazilian models! Francisco is one of my favorites :) We both love his son Milo! He’s so cute *-* I also like Andre Fellipe, and he’s brazilian. Brazilians are really attractive!

Anonymous said:
Cailin Russo please? Gifs or edits.

Okayy, sure! :)

Anonymous said:
Can you do some edits &/or gifs of nick lacy or rob moore?

Sure thing! I love Rob Moore <3

Anonymous said:
What???? Cara is so perfect i just love her hahaha barbara is also a great model/person... Where are you all from?

Haha she’s great! They both are. We are from Argentina :)

Anonymous said:
(Lennart anon) yeah, it's hard to be his fan hahaha so, that's not a request, but i never saw any edits or gifs from Cara Delevigne, you don't like her? She's so famous

Oh, you’re right! I thought we had some stuff of Cara… The thing is that most of the time, when a new video or campaign of her comes out, you’ll probably find a lot of gifs or edits of her all over her tag. Same thing happens with Barbara Palvin! But I love Barbara and that’s why sometimes, if I can’t find gifs of certain videos that I like, I’ll gif them. I really am not a fan of Cara, none of us are! But we think she’s pretty :)

Anonymous said:
hi!! would you do some amelia zadro gifs, please? she's just gorg, thanks so much xxx

Hi! We’ll make some gif of her, sure <3 And you’re right, she is!

Anonymous said:
Can you gif some Lennart Richter please? I'm just in love with him lol

I love him too! But unfortunately, he doesn’t have many videos :c I think we’ve giffed all of his videos… I’ll check and I’ll try to find more though!

Anonymous said:
pleeease gif more moments from that Magda Zalejska video by Tom Mitchell?

Sure thing! :D